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Ecology and Economy

Environmental protection. Global, regional and local aspects of environmental problems. Greenhouse effect. Ozone layer depletion. System approach to the environment. Sustainable development. Externalities. Major pollutants, acid rain, smog. Environmental legislation. International agreements. Renewable energy sources. Transportation sector and the environment. Nuclear energy and the environment. Energy, environment and public.


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  2. Miller G.T.: Environmental Science: Working with the Earth. 5th edition. Wandsworth, Inc., USA 1995
  3. Economic Valuation of the Environment, WHY-HOW-How Far? UNIPEDE, Paris 1997
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  • ECTS, max. 100 points, 50 >= for at least E classification
  • Exam: max. 60 points (at least 24 points needed), written exam (test)
  • Seminar work: max. 20 points + max. 10 points presentation
  • Presentation during semester: max. 10 points


Seminar work

  • selection from suggested topic or agreed topic, groups 2-3 students, app. 8 pp (at least 50% of the content should be own critical thinking, analysis, suggestions etc.)
  • group presentation app. At 13th week of semester, app. 10 minutes presentation
  • full length work (MS Word or pdf format) should be submitted before the end of the semester via email: A1M16EKL@gmail.com


  • More detailed information in the middle of semester


Presentation during semester:

  • Groups of 2-3 students
  • 10 minutes ppt presentation on the topic offered by the lecturer 1-2 weeks before



  1. Evolution of environmental protection, sustainable development
  2. Global environmental problems and their demographic, economic and political aspects
  3. Greenhouse effect
  4. Ozone layer depletion
  5. Impacts on environment, air emission, smog
  6. Transportation sector and the environment
  7. Fossil fuels and the environment, non traditional technologies of utilisation
  8. Nuclear fuel cycle and the environment
  9. Environmental and economic aspects of the sun and biomass energy
  10. Environmental and economic aspects of the wind and water energy
  11. Legal aspects of environmental protection, legislation
  12. Regulation of activities according to the environment
  13. Environmental situation in cities and in Czech republic
  14. Externalities, external cost, calculation and utilisation
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  1. Entering test
  2. Global environmental problems - discussion
  3. Living style, recent ecological problems, NGO - discussion
  4. Excursion
  5. Environmental approach in developed countries - discussion
  6. Recent environmental problems in Czech republic - discussion
  7. Assessment
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