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Macro and Microeconomics

Principles of economics, market, law of demand and supply, market equilibrium, price elasticity, consumer behaviour, production cost, revenue, profit, market failure, expenditure on gross domestic product, multipliers, money, inflation, banks, monetary policy, labour market, unemployment, economic growth, business cycle, fiscal policy, national debt, foreign trade policy.



Jan Jandera
Phone: 2 2435 3308 (for messages only)
E-mail: jandera@fel.cvut.cz

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Literature in Czech:

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Four short tests: each for 15 points, contains multiple-choice questions
Final (examination) test: 40 multiple-choice questions and two computations - one from microeconomics, one from macroeconomics

The use of any kind of literature (textbooks, notes, handouts, etc.) is allowed, calculators recommended. No communication devices allowed during the tests. Cooperation with other students and use of examination tests/computations from previous years during the tests is strictly forbidden. Breaking the Rules will be followed by actions according to the Disciplinary Code of CTU.


4 short tests 60 points
Final test 40 points
In summary max.: 100 points

Assessment and grades

Points 100-90 89-80 79-70 69-60 59-50 less than 50
  excellent very good good satisfactory sufficient failed

Lectures are available in the form of ready-to-download handouts. Rules of the class are explained during the first lecture.

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