A0BE16EPDBusiness Economics
AE0B16FIPCorporate Finance
AE1M16EKLEcology and Economy
AE1M16EUEEconomy of Energy Use
BE1M16EKEEconomy of Power Industry
XE16EVTEthics for Computing
BE1M16FIUFinancial Accouting
BE1M16FIMFinancial management
BE1M16INDIndividual project
AE1B16MMEMacro and Microeconomics
BE1M16MESManagement and Economics of Power Systems
AE1M16MEEManagement of Power Production
AE1M16OVYOperations Research
AE0B16FI1Philosophy I
AE0M16FI2Philosophy II
AE1M16VENPower and heat production
AE1M16JAKQuality management
BE1M16BP3Safety and Healt training
AE1M16STAStatistical methods in economics